Friday, September 21, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - New Wii U trailer

I'm thinking that Namco realizes that the Wii U will be without Smash Bros. for a while longer and wants to get some of those fans to take a look at the newest Tekken game. It does look fun but what about the core gameplay?


Anonymous said...

i am and i mean this its exciting my week up so much LOVING the fanboy melt downs over the gamepad and pro pad

il wisper i dont want THEM to know im talking about it

apparently pro pad is all wrong and horrible and too lite and feels all wrong and is all rubbish and stuff

and gamepads analogs are rubbish and the whole thing feels cheap and looks like a toy

MELT DOWN-ERS GO GRAB A DUALSHOCK if you cannot find one il lend u my time machine you can go back to 1996 theres loads there too


Anonymous said...

Core gameplay?? This is tekken tag. Glad to see nintendo making the effort to put quality fighters on there machine. Not saying anything bad against smash...I love smash. But man wii only had, smash, tatsunoko, guilty gear and sengoku basara. Handful of games that.

Gregory Weagle said...

Considering that fighting games are selling less and less each year; it's evidence that the lack of fighters on Wii is less about the "casuals" and more on the fact that fighting games are staler than seven year old bread.