Friday, September 14, 2012

Assassin's Creed 3 - New Wii U gameplay

This is going to be yet another game that will be hard to resist come launch time. One way to try all these games during the launch period would be to get a temporary Gamefly account and rent a bunch of them and see which one is more worth your hard earned money.


Anonymous said...

hate ubisoft games and detest there analog sloppiness but im soooo tempted

Anonymous said...

is zombi u 1080p or is wiiu daily talking crap again that site is ether dead on or totally wrong

they still think wiiu is power7 when its clearly powerpc 4xx broadway fied 3x core

Anonymous said...

metaldave was going to email you but my account seems to be locked up or even hacked so il make a new one its wiiboy101 by the way

ign have confirmed the very thing i have pestered everyone about the thing i go on about over and over and over,,, twin screen support in a fps whilst using the wii remote!!!! the exact control set up iv likely given you headaches about,,, has been confirmed for black ops 2 wiiu

play via wii remote and chuck as non aim asist auto aim casuals do yes real gamers fps correctly....

as you do this the wiiu gamepad sits in its stand (just like i said over and over ) at the base of the tv screen and acts as a map info class hub most likely also your voice chat also and you dont touch it you do everything on it with the remote as you play even with out pausing YOU PERSONALLY KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME DONT U

this goes out to every so called core gamer playing cod the gimped robotic way YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CORE GAMING IS

Metaldave said...

Yes I knew it was you the whole time hahaha :P

It's nice that Black Ops 2 will have all the control options we want for the Wii U version. It looks like it will be the best one to get for consoles.

Anonymous said...

oh by the way combining the nintendo event news iwata comments on ram and specs combined with vgleaks info... i think the wiiu GPU is a amd/ati 4670 its the 8 rop version of the 16 rop 4850/70

its 32 texture units 8 rops not 16 everyone was looking at the bigger card as the base its very very alike your find there very close gpus and both 8 rops

8 rops 32 texture units and 320 stream processors likely clocked around 800mhz with 32mb edram the 75watts peak gave it away for me

those two embedded gpus you had in the article are both 8 rops and 600mhz there power is 25 watts and 35watts @ 40nm and 600mhz

wiiu is 45nm likely becuace it had to match powerpc 45nm and the edram they put in gpu is 45nm also IBM EDRAM the api and dx levels quoted at vgleaks match the 4670 not the gpu you were talking about plus custom up grades and wiiu development started in 2008 so its obvious the starting gpu was 4670 from ati

its based on that chip the opelgl opencl and dx levels and the 8 rops and the peak 75watts power gave it away

i said all along wiiu would avegae 40 watss thats exactly right but i also said it would max out at 60 to 65 i was 10 under and that power combined with vgleaks gave me the answer

ati 4670 was the base gpu that wiiu design was built