Friday, August 17, 2012

SNES vs Sega Genesis Parts 1 & 2

James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd, talks about his childhood in this 2 part presentation of the classic 16bit battle of the century. James and I are actually the same age at 32 and these videos are bringing back a lot of memories of those days. Genesis does what Nintendon't.....Blast Processing, the look of the consoles and the overall game quality that each system had the list goes on and on. If you are close to my age, then this time period will never be forgotten in your gaming word. Enjoy the memories friends!

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Anonymous said...

i had a amiga a1200 and a sega master system never bothered with snes or megadrive as it was called here in uk

i always regret not being into snes should have been there at the time enjoying classics AMIGA was alot of fun at the time and the right computer for the home pc was ajoke how it took off i still cannot understand

snes was more poerful in reality but sega had the more powerful cpu the snes mode 7 and other tricks took snes above megadrive then ad in the FX chip cart games no contest

but i always loved sega even wen here in the uk no one new what sega was

i used to take amiga and sega to friends houses they didnt even know such macjines existed most of them

thing is every non gamer i grew up with later became sony fan boys and embrassed everything about ps1 i hated

as a guy who hated long load times and poor controls ps1 was a joke to me

oh i had a amiga cd32 also