Thursday, August 02, 2012

Fifia 13 Wii U screens

Link to more here

These are the first confirmed screens from the Wii U version of Fifa 13. It looks great but the way the game will be played seems to include a large use of the touch screen for passing and scoring goals. I can't wait to see the game in motion soon!

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Anonymous said...

still seems totally inferior to PES Wii were you play with the wiui remote as a """"REAL TIME CONTROL OF EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN YOUR TEAM"""

the level of control in pes ii is amazing and one of the very few 3rd party games to ACTUALLY GO NEXT GEN IN PLAY VIA THE Wii

no touchscreen is going to match this just as it wont FPS games EA seem to be gimmic-y were PES actually uses nintendos innovations in a REAL WAY

remember fifa wii you cannot play with wii controls EA said so we added a top down mode and it was WAVING GIMMICKS NOT NEXT GEN CONTROL LIKE PES

i could never go back to second analog stick for football NO WAY pointer mouse is amazing