Friday, July 27, 2012

ZombiU - New Details

Some new details that were shared with Hip Hop Gamer:

-Non playable narrative characters will progress 3 different branching stories.
-NPC "Sandra" wants to leave London to find a safer place.
-NPC "The Prepper" wants to stay in london assuming that everyone on the outside has also been infected.
-NPC "The Royal Doctor (Doctor of the Queen of England) is busy trying to find a cure for the Zombie Virus.

Ubisoft might be planning a Hardcore mode where you only have 1 life and may not be able to even pause the game. They want to possibly make it so you can't pause the game in general but Nintendo has rules that Ubisoft will have to abide by and "not being able to pause the game" might go against those rules. 

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Anonymous said...

the queens doctor come on seriously