Thursday, June 07, 2012

Wii U Miiverse Commercial

I think this video displayed what the Wii U could do for interactive online gaming a lot clearer and better than Nintendo's own E3 conference sadly and has been the highlight of E3 so far. Non Specific Action Figure definitely approves this message!


TechnoHobbit said...

The Non Specific Action Figure saga contenus:

Anonymous said...

this ad made me cringe because it uses a stereotype as a gamer i thought that image was hated by nintendo unless the point is the lonely gamer isnt alone i suppose,,,the whole geek thing was way over the top for me

and also trying to explain miiverse on a stage at a show would be a bit daft would it not thats the point of this ad/video

Gregory Weagle said...

Oh god; this promo was brutal.

I mean I'm sorry; as much as the NSAF was brilliant; the whole promo pissed me off because it's one thing to do this as a parody because it makes for perfect parody (the stereotype is so true that it makes mocking it a lot easier); but the problem with it is that Nintendo is supposed to be courting this stereotype back into the fold and thus this comes off as insulting.