Monday, June 04, 2012

Rayman Legends Wii U E3 Presentation

This was probably the most notable game that Ubisoft showed at their press conference. ZombiU did not have any actual gameplay shown so it remains to be seen how that game really looks. Rayman Legends being a Wii U exclusive is really an amazing win for Nintendo because this game really looks innovative and fun. Watch for hands-on impressions of the game soon at the show floor.


ECM said...

It would be far more accurate to say this is a big win for a *certain type of gamer*, but it is *not* what Nintendo needs to win over the PS360 crowd.

(I consider myself the type that eats up 2D platformers (to say the least) but if they want to get Joe COD, this isn't the type of exclusive that's going to cut it and is going to do little more than elicit eye rolls and comments like "same old Nintendo" from exactly the consumer they say they are now very interested in.)

Anonymous said...

the x360 ps3 growd have been disrupted there irreverent as irreverent as smartglass, and the 3rd party industry is exposed as dumb shit YET AGAIN

nintendo pickmen true wii controls via wm plus pointer and chuck then a tactile rts type play of the same game via a wiiu gamepad


then 3rd partys give us twin sticks and info screens CAN NOONE SEE THIS INDUSTRY STINKS

thats not core ITS DUMBED DOWN and ps3 and x360 fans are dumbed down dummys