Monday, May 14, 2012

Splinter Cell 6 - Wii U Specific Details

I've been noticing Hip Hop Gamer getting a bit more exclusives lately and this is a pretty large one if you ask me. If you skip up to the 5 minute mark (past all the intros and songs) that is when he starts explaining Wii U specific details on the next Splinter Cell game:

- Night Vision/different views through U-Pad
- Wii U specific Splinter Cell in-game apps
- Customize weapons on touch screen
- Graphics to be noticeably better than Xbox 360/PS3 versions, similar to comparing Xbox 1 Splinter Cell to PS2 Splinter Cell.

I would say this is pretty good news since if this was just a simple port, the graphics would not look any different from the other versions besides some minor things like frame rate or resolution. It's possible that the developers with Wii U hardware could be a little excited to see what the system can do even in porting the games to the console. We can only imagine how great games that are made from the ground up for the system will look.


Biohazard said...

Too bad not many people in the gaming industry take this guy seriously. Whether it's because his skin color, his taste in music, or the general presentation, Hip-Hop Gamer has broke in some credible rumors in the past, and his recent rumors about the Wii U are very exciting. June can come any sooner enough!

Anonymous said...

Lol! He's annoying in an endearing way. It's partly the character he has created cuz Hip Hop has jumped the shark, like, years ago. You can only take so much of Hip Hop lingo and it starts to come off as forced - or worst - a parody. When Bieber, Disney shows, and commercials are rapping, you know it has lost it's edge. He could condense a bit but I like to check out what scoops he gets...especially WiiU related!

ck1x said...
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ck1x said...

Well someone must take him serious because he's shaking hands with all of the right people in the industry. He's being shown inside information and seems to know quite a bit about what's on the horizon... not to mention that the WiiU specs ordeal will finally be put to bed by e3 and we will see what the system can really do

Anonymous said...

he isn't very articulate ,in how he try to explain SHIIIT lol...

but i do find myself thinking he seems genuine in what he is saying,there was genuine excitement in this video and lots of spit as you talk need to take a breath moments,,, he seems really excited about it all.. that makes me think he aint bull shitting us..

when he tried to explain the wiiu controller and cell he got a bit tong tied and messed up

i can see the night vision thing being a obvious thing as well as say controlling a drone or cctv cameras or setting of bombs etc

and stating wiiu is NEXT GEN is kinda obvious so lets just wait for E3