Tuesday, May 01, 2012

3DS Midnight Purple coming May 20th

Nintendo has announced that the 3DS is coming in "Midnight Purple" on May 20th. So let me ask this, does buying the 3DS really depend on the color for you? How many of you guys that are still on the fence about buying a 3DS are just waiting for the right color to come along? I never understood this myself. I got the black 3DS at launch, but honestly if the Aqua Blue was the only color available I would've still bought it. Maybe that's just me, but for someone else the color is a make or break decision for them.

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TechnoHobbit said...

I have a "Aqua Blue" 3DS, though I did consider waiting for the "Cobalt Blue" 3DS to come out. When the 3DS Lite comes out then I will wait for the "Cobalt Blue" 3DS.