Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Wii U release date November 18th?

It seems a Japanese retailer has leaked the (most likely) release date of the Wii U. Sunday November 18th will be the release date for the Wii U in the United States, with the release in Japan coming a week later. For comparison, the original Wii was released on Sunday November 19th in the United states. The date seems likely with the holiday shopping season starting the week after the release.

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Anonymous said...

didnt this same rumor also say sub x360 graphics WTFE il wait for E3 not interested in anything else

Gregory Weagle said...

Anon: No. GamesIndustry.biz was the one that had that rumor they disguised as a report saying that the system has sub Xbox 360 graphics. And again; Marvin MacDonald of Vigil Games said "so far" it had at least XBOX 360 level graphics which contradicts GI's report.

Eurogamer's post is not unreasonable. I think it holds water. I still think an early November global release would be the best bet instead of a staggered mid to late November release so that the system has enough time to gain a launch lineup while at the same time be close enough for the Christmas Rush.

Anonymous said...

my whole point sub = bs = to x360 = bs

the whole industry is BS its common flaming sense the bird demo at e3 and a polishede version of that zerlda would never run on ether of the HD twins

blatent lying to are faces theres no way in hell wiiu is anything below ps3 and x360 combined its anti nintendo nonsense

just like ipad and smartphones as powerful as consoles and consoles are dead ITS ALL BS