Monday, April 16, 2012

*Rumor* Square-Enix licensing characters to Nintendo for new project?

There is a rumor going around that Square-Enix has made a deal with Nintendo to license a character/characters to Nintendo for secret unannounced project. Apparently the characters going to be used in the game are some who haven't been touched on in a very long time.

My early guess would be some characters from Chrono Trigger being used in the next Smash Brothers game. I can't think of any other noteworthy game besides Final Fantasy that Nintendo would want to use characters from. I also don't think it would be Cloud since he has been featured a lot over the years in other Final Fantasy VII spin-offs. Would a Chrono Trigger sequel be too far fetched?


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Gregory Weagle said...

Wait; didn't SquareEnix do this before with Mario Basketball 3 on 3 for DS and Mario Sports Mix for Wii? Because I'm guessing that this is where it is going.

And I realize some people are going to say Geno/Mallow/Smithy are the characters; but aren't those owned by Nintendo already?