Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nintendo to change Wii U name April 25th?

IGN seems to think that Nintendo will change the name of the Wii U at their April 25th financial report, and they also seem to think that changing the name of the system is basically live or die for Nintendo. Take a look at part of the latest editorial:

"The current generation of consoles is nearly six years old at this point, and while Wii U is undoubtedly an innovative "next-generation" product, it will still need to court gamers that are likely satisfied to wait for a new Xbox or PlayStation. For half a decade, Nintendo made it clear that while it would publish incredible games, it would march to its own beat, more concerned about Wii Fit Plus than Call of Duty: Black Ops. For the company to change that impression, for it to want to host cutting edge versions of all games for all audiences – and for gamers to believe the publisher is serious about making that happen – it needs to send a clear signal. And that starts with a brand. That starts with a name, which then echoes across hardware design, user interfaces, marketing, messaging and more. 

If Nintendo is really serious about finding a new image in this new generation, the name 'Wii U' must go. And it needs to go now."


In my opinion, I don't really agree that a name change is going to make that much of a difference. If Nintendo wanted to change the name back in January (like rumors suggest) they should have done it then instead of waiting so long that people are now used to the name Wii U and have pretty much accepted the name. Most of the world knows by now that Nintendo's next home console is named the Wii U. So unless they have this awesome name that totally makes sense and doesn't have the Wii name in it at all, I think they should just leave it be and let the innovation and games speak for itself. I can however see the other side of it with the perception of a casuals only console, but Nintendo chose that path with the Wii and likely wants to keep it with Wii U but this time taking the hardcore gamer with them. The answers and more will all be coming at E3 regardless of what announcements are made at Nintendo's fiscal report in two days. 


Gregory Weagle said...

Sorry IGN; it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! The only way Nintendo is going to change the name is if they are forced to like WWE had to after losing a lawsuit to the World Wildlife Fund. Only a legal issue is going to give what you want. Get over yourselves.

I have no issue with the name. It doesn't confuse people (In fact; anyone who suggests that is calling customers stupid.). Heck; Malstrom's e-mail buddies at least had a better reason to change it in that it was a contradiction to the Wii's vision; which does hold a slight bit of water.

I did entertain the thought of a better name. However; it can only happen if Nintendo plans hepatic feedback on the Wii U Controller. Then I would entertain the thought of calling it Fiil (Nintendo Feel; in fact, I think there was a post on this blog that suggested that name in the rumors mill). Otherwise; forget about it.

Just because Revolution's name was changed to Wii doesn't mean that they'll do it again (Because Nintendo stated time and time again that Revolution was never going to be the final name in the first place.)

Unknown said...

Sorry, but IGN's excuses for a name change are inane.

Fact is, Nintendo already gave itself a new image thanks to the Wii brand name. There have been studies done here in the US and AU where the Wii brand name is one of the most trusted in the business. More so than the "Nintendo" brand name. Since some consider "Nintendo" to be right up there with "Fisher Price". I know that people who see it that way are in the wrong, but that's how they see it. So using "Wii" to sell a console made by Nintendo was a great idea.

It's also a great idea to continue using the Wii name on a console that borrows a lot of what defined the original Wii console. The same wiimotes will be used. Wouldn't it be weird to use the same controls on a console that might be called "Ultra Mega Bro-dude NES"? Imagine retailers having to explain to consumers that their Wii peripherals and controllers work with that other console that is named differently. IMO, they'll rather not go through that hassle and just let it die on the shelves.

Like they said on NeoGaf, the guys at IGN had a very slow news day and put out a poorly thought out article just for kicks.

I would be okay with the idea of renaming the Wii U as Wii 2 or even Super Wii (I think that one sounds silly). As long as they keep using the Wii brand name, it should be fine.

Using that brand name has geat advantages.

The Wii brand name still sells. It had the best selling 3rd party game last December (beating out any PS3, X360 game) and continues to sell like a normal console (that is, it's not selling like the fad that it was, which is perfectly okay!).

And if the Wii U were to fail, Nintendo could come back with another console that actually does start from scratch (the Wii U doesn't start from scratch, since it recycles many elements from the original Wii - so it makes sense to keep using the Wii name).

If they change the name now, people in the media will believe that Nintendo is second-guessing the chances of the new console. And also has having given up on the Wii brand.

I hope Nintendo doesn't try to please these editors. And not waste their damn time trying to get the CoD crowd to play on their consoles.

Hell, not even Sony has been able to pull them all away from the X360. The PS3 is basically having to survive mostly on 1st/2nd party efforts. And 3rd party games almost never sell as good as they do on the X360. So what the fudge makes IGN think that Nintendo can possibly do to get them to play on their consoles? What would be next after a name change that is more "bro-dude"like? Making Mario "realistic"? Turning Zelda into a Skyrim clone? (it may sound great, but IMO the franchise would lose all of it's charm).

If Nintendo does change the name of the Wii u to something completely different, well... they would have to start from scratch. Having to spend millions just to hope that previous Wii owners can make the connection that the new console is an upgrade to the original one. And also hoping to get people out there to become familiarized with the new name. I think Apple would have a better time selling a new console with a new name than Nintendo would these days.

Stick with the Wii name, Nintendo...

End of rant.

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