Friday, April 27, 2012

Nintendo 2012 investors meeting highlights

Various Wii U & 3DS news:

  • Western Support for the 3DS will catch up to Japanese support by E3
  • Nintendo promises they have learned from the 3DS and the Wii U will have a very rich launch line-up
  • New Super Mario Bros 2. will be available both at retail and digitally (full download to the SD Card.)
  • Wii U Software will be available digitally at launch
  • Digital prices will be set by retailers, not by Nintendo
  • Wants a Wii Sports equivalent on Wii U, can't talk about it now for competitive reasons, will not remodel existing game
  • E3 will NOT include price details for WiiU
  • Views New Super Mario Bros 2 as key to USA and will have long term demand
  • Needs to consider social gaming for Wii U, can't say more

It looks like Nintendo is really serious about the digital side of sales with full retail games available to download at the launch of the Wii U. Now that storage is going to be key in enjoying the Wii U to the full, I think it's wise to point out that external hard drives are getting really cheap with 500GB drives on sale at Amazon for 80-90 bucks, take a look: Western Digital Passport 500GB 

It's also great news that Nintendo is finally going to let developers decide the price for the digital games they want to put on the Wii U's online service. This was a big issue with WiiWare and a key to many games either not getting released or poor sales (not to mention the size limit).

Nintendo is gearing up the Wii U to be a massive success with both the casual Wii Sports fans it seems and hardcore gamers. This news has to make any Nintendo fan and gamer excited for the next generation and hopefully a generation done right. Now lets see some games!

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Anonymous said...

il be using flash harddrives are for CASUALS dont want 1950s tech anywere near my wiiu thank u very much

flash is fast harddrives are slow and hot and noisy