Monday, April 23, 2012

CryEngine 3 update

From watching this video it stands to reason that the Wii U's graphics could very well do many of the effects seen here. Crytek already said that CryEngine 3 will run on the Wii U just fine, and this trailer shows the updated results of Crytek's continued tweaking of the engine for more effects. Lets see...only a little over a month until E3?


Biohazard said...

Let's hope CryEngine 3 will run those DirectX 11 effects more efficiently on the Wii U. I'm not hearing good things with how certain effects like tessellation was implemented in Crysis 2.

Anonymous said...

there not direct11 effects and wiiu would never in a 10000000 life times use a microsoft API wiiu will not be using direct anything it will be

opengl/cl and custom code MS has nothing to do with nintendo wii u and graphics effects are possible on any family of code those effects are not direct11 there effects ability's nothing to do with d11