Monday, March 12, 2012

*Rumor* Wii U dev kits can run Unreal Engine 4?

This is yet another rumor in the up and down saga of Wii U graphics speculation. We know that EPIC Games has shown off behind closed doors at GDC (not by their request) an Unreal Engine 4 demo that supposedly blew away everyone in attendance. Mark Rein just recently made a statement that UE4 will make that Samaritan demo look "like crap" in comparison. So the question on everyone's mind is if the Wii U will be able to run this engine in light of all the attention it will be getting from developers in just a few short years?

                                                      (so this will look like "crap" compared with UE4?)

A rumor has been posted on the GAF that the reason why Nintendo gave such a large upgrade to the Wii U dev kits was to have the system be able to run the new engine by EPIC. Here are the quotes:

"I've just heard it from a friend that Epic has UE3 & UE4 up and running on Wii U hardware.

His source works for a developer, one that I shall not name, but they do work on pretty much every system. So that alleviates any concerns that I didn't have over the Wii U power issue as far as I'm concerned."

"To clarify on what was said, it was more along the lines of Nintendo tweaked the Wii U to make sure it can run UE4.
Which would explain the recent bump in specs... and apparently Nintendo is still tweaking the hardware. So it could get even better."


If true, this would further mean that Nintendo is very serious of not loosing Third Party support for the long haul of Wii U development since Unreal Engine 4 is not supposed to be fully ready for all third parties to use it until 2014. The Wii U will need to have legs in order to keep support during the transition from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4. I'm very excited to see what E3 has in store us!


Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if the wii u keeps third party support even after nextbox and ps4 are out running the latest game engines. Its good to know nintendo is serious about multi platform releases with their new console.

Anonymous said...

metaldave im begginging to worry about your mental state 3RD PARTY SUPPORT HAS NOTHING WHATS SO EVER TO DO WITH ENGINES AND OR EPIC


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Metaldave said...

Thanks for the concern for my mental

Gregory Weagle said...

Anon #2: It seems Electronic Arts, Ubi Soft, Activision, Majesco and T*HQ clearly didn't get the "MUST HATE NINTENDO AT ALL COSTS" memo since they have always supported Nintendo ever since Wii and even before that.

Try telling that to Ubi Soft who has three Just Dance games selling more units on Wii alone than any other machine. I'll wait for you to do so. I'll probably be dead long before you even try.

As for the rumor: who knows? As people are aware; I'm not a Mark Rein's fan personally; but it does amaze me how much he has back pedal with Wii U in the works now.

Jay said...

Nice try Anonymous.
Want to guess how much oil we have secured and shipped back to the US from both wars? ZERO.

I'm in Afghanistan, and was in Iraq 3 separate deployments. That's not why we are here. I'm so sick of you loser conspiracy theorists downplaying the missions us soldiers do out here.

Seriously, get a life. Nintendo isn't hated, they are probably the sole reason video games still exist to this day, and they are revered, not hated.