Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Darksiders 2 interview - "Wii U is a pretty powerful machine"

Han Randhawa is the art director for Darksiders 2 and in this interview towards the end he said something that could be considered conflicting with another recent interview with Marvin Donald the director of Darksiders 2.

Han Randhawa's direct quote:

"There is not much I can really talk about right now, but I think that the Wii U is a pretty powerful machine, which obviously means more resources, and means you can do a lot more. So the Wii U team is doing very well, we've been working with Nintendo and I think it's going to be a very exciting version of Darksiders but we want to keep the overall theme relatively consistent."

This quote goes kind of against what Marvin Donald said last week about the Wii U being on par with the current generation hardware. It is noteworthy to point out that Marvin Donald is not really involved in the Wii U version of Darksiders 2 since it is being handled by a separate Wii U team (last I heard there were only a few guys working on it). It seems to me that if Vigil really wanted to push the Wii U, they would do so, but they would also need to build the game from the ground up on the system. Darksiders 2 was already planned to be developed for Xbox 360 first before the Wii U was even announced last year. Most likely a plain port with the same graphics and everything along with it will be what Nintendo fans get. Financially for THQ it's the smart move to make since Wii U will not have the user base needed to sell as well as it could on Xbox 360 early in it's life span.

Getting back to the above quote, Han Randhawa basically said the Wii U is obviously more powerful and more could be done with it's version of Darksiders 2. If they actually go the extra mile with their version on the Wii U, I'll be surprised to say the least. The only thing in my opinion that might come out of this would be a 1080p version of the game on Nintendo's new console. Basically, just like a console to PC port. Developers have been doing this to the PC market for nearly 7 years since the Xbox 360 was released in 2005 and they will most likely do it even more when the Wii U hits this year. Like I've always believed: Nintendo first party games and third party exclusives will be the difference maker in the early years of Wii U, ports are not going to show much of any difference. 


Anonymous said...

It is about time this interview was brought to light by some people in the press rather than it being talked about on boards.

Anonymous said...

looks like the company is trying to appease both the HD twins fans ,if wiiu is powerful and all and the wiiu port better HOW DO U THEM MARKET THE HD TWINS VERSION!!!!

so its clearly a case of Tweedledum dumb Tweedledee ,this is the anti wii nonsense gobbledeee goooop talk we have seen with wii vs HD twin when talking marketing and hype

one team says we done this great version on wii near as good as the others visually and the controls then some other guy says oh that wii version

expect a lot of this to go on LYING its called capitalism

Anonymous said...

awaits many head in hands moments anti wiiu over the next 6 years or so , its great looking down on these retards

Unknown said...

There is another follow-up video in regards to the game not being simply a cheap port here:

Gregory Weagle said...

It's clear to me that the words "so far" hold no meaning to Mr. Hardcore (which is part of Marvin's interview in terms to power). I'm amazed that Kotaku of all sites noticed it and put it in their headlines no less.