Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Former Crytek employee now working for Nintendo

It seems that Nintendo is really getting serious about HD game development not just in higher resolution games but also in graphic designs and engines.

Mark Atkinson was the former Chief Technology Officer at Crytek and helped develop CryEngine 3 and has now been recently hired by Nintendo. This is a strong move since it will cement to other developers that Nintendo really is serious this time when it comes to having the latest and greatest tech running on their machine and, for at least one year, the most powerful console on the market.

It makes you wonder what kind of games that use CryEngine 3 will we be seeing on the Wii U in the not too distant future? The possibilities are endless, but I'm willing to bet we'll see something at E3 running on this new er Engine to go along with Unreal Engine 3 (UE4 too?) of course.

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predator said...

Thats good news. I played Crytek 2 on PC at my mates house it was intense. Hopefully we will see something in that quality for Zelda or Metroid.

Anonymous said...

drop the ""POWER STATMENTS"" theres no graphics war anymore thats TECH FACT!!!!!

yes this is fantastic news when building a engine for your new all mighty system why fool around go get THE BEST guy in town

his the chuck Norris of shader engine engineering so hire him makes sense to me

Anonymous said...

He along with the TOP devs at Nintendo will make Nintendo on TOP think CryEngine3 wow Nintendo know how to make games better than any1 its why they have the most Million sellers and games that go down in history as the best.

Now with all this there games wont just be the best in terms of reviews but also the best looking.

Anonymous said...

bet over at neogaf there saying his teaching nintendo to shade or some other nonsense lol

the times iv seen neogaf statments to this effect twats!!!!!!!!!

like to see the so called middle ware untalented so called programmers of today programme a nes