Tuesday, January 17, 2012

*Rumor (again)* Grand Theft Auto V coming to Wii U

We heard rumors from way back in when the Wii U was first announced that GTA V would be coming as a launch game for the system in 2012. It seems this rumor is coming back yet again:

We posted news earlier today that Rockstar are currently looking for Environment Artists “to get the most from next-gen consoles.”
While the majority of the gaming community immediately jumped to the prospect of this new project being part of Microsoft’s or Sony’s next gen console offerings, the Wii U has for the most part been entirely overlooked. This being said, evidence is mounting that these vacancies could well be tied into a Wii U release of the highly anticipated GTA V.

The article goes on to talk about how much sense it would make to put the game on the system at launch seeing the original Wii launch sales as an indicator. I do see the point in this since when the Wii was first released it didn't have a lot of great quality games besides Zelda. However, this is a new time period and new sets of rules will have to apply this time around when the Wii U hits stores this year. I am excited though for the possibility of having GTA V on a Nintendo system.


Travis Hendricks said...

Wow, I would absolutely love this. And if Nintendo is as serious about getting back the hardcore gamer then this would go a long way to proving that.

Just imagine GTA for the.adults and Lego City Stories for the chillens.

Anonymous said...

it makes sense that its ps3 x360 pc and WiiU is the next gen system....