Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reggie's CES Wii U interview summary

- Will come out between E3 and end of 2012
- When asked about surprise launch at E3, Reggie says 'Who knows?'
- Wii U news throughout the year, not only at E3
- Will not confirm a new Mario game, but says a range of experiences are coming
- 90 million Wii units sold worldwide
- Nintendo wanta a broader, larger audience with Wii U
- full range of entertainment on Wii U
Says that Mr. Miyamoto is working on something new, didn't specifically say Wii U
- Nintendo sure they'll have great content for launch day and through launch window of Wii U
- Nintendo doesn't care what gaming competitors are doing
- Wants to drive a great, new experience with Wii U that have consumers ready to buy
- everyone is taking motion gaming for granted now, which is a mistake.


So nothing really "new" per say but it is good news to know that E3 will not be the only place to hear about the Wii U during the whole year. Hopefully GDC will shed a new detail or two about this mysterious system that everyone wants to know about but Nintendo won't tell us.

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