Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Legend of Zelda series timeline

Link to explanations

This timeline has been updated and made officially released to the the public by Nintendo as part of the 25th anniversary of Zelda.

I feel that this was needed since everyone seemed to have a their own ideas as to when the Zelda series took place or that each game was just it's own universe not related to the other games. Now we can see that there is a coherent timeline that actually makes sense!

Who would have thought that The Adventures of Link was actually the most recent game in the series timeline?


Travis Hendricks said...

This is really cool. And simultaneously very confusing since I haven't played absolutely every game in the series. It's intriguing to me that there are three branches though, and all spun from Ocarina of Time.

predator said...

This is not the timeline because of a number of reasons, one Link never dies in any of the games, two the Zelda games can not be put in one timeline because they are not all in the same universe. I know this because skyward sword tells the story of how the Master sword was made, by Link running around with the skyward sword finding magical flames to power it up to become the Master sword. But in a Link to the past it is said that the people of Hyrule created the Master sword to fight Ganon who had all three pieces of the Triforce.

And three, the Four swords games are in one of there own timeline because the characters in the last four swords game(gamecube) talk about the events of the previous ones.

And four Eiji Aonuma one of the main guys in the Zelda team has said that they can never be a true timeline because they are always making Zelda games set before and after each other. Thats how they can make Skyward sword the first one in one timeline.

Metaldave said...

Well Nintendo decided that this was the timeline and also chose to go back and justify the series and it's games with it. I know some of it doesn't make sense to some people but this is from the horses mouth (Nintendo).

Yes it's true that Link doesn't die in any Zelda game if you win LOL. The OOT timeline was a supposed timeline that happened in a parallel universe. In that universe Link failed to kill Ganondorf and died. Back to the Future and The Terminator series have had similar things happen in different realities.

predator said...

Just wait until Zelda wii U arrives and fucks this timeline up because Link forgot to pay his tax bills and no time to beat Ganondorf in Twilight princess.