Thursday, September 08, 2011

Monster Hunter 3G - new screens


It seems that Capcom has made Monster Hunter 3G look even better than it's already great looking Wii counterpart. Real-time shadows, shading and more colorful levels seem to be making this the best looking Monster Hunter game yet. Also for those who don't want to use the 2nd Circle Pad attachment for the game can use the Touch Screen as a virtual d-pad for camera control .

This goes to show that this accessory that they will release at the same time as Monster Hunter will not be a requirement to play it on the 3DS. In my opinion, that 2nd analog pad is just an excuse for developers who don't want to think of unique ways to control games with what the 3DS already has to offer. A virtual touch screen d-pad with the combination of the circle pad that is already on the 3DS would make controlling First Person and  Third Person games easy. I guess that having a physical stick added to the system is just an easy way out from a little bit of extra programming.


Anonymous said...

why would i use a touch screen as a V-d,pad when capcom should be using the touchscreen as a aim/camera mouse AKA metroid hunters/cod/bond/halo concept /cop recruit etc etc etc


capcom screwed over the wii remote now there screwing over the touch screen BLATANT PSVITA FANBOYING AND DS TROLLING

add sword /knife play to stylus as it acts like a wii remote does via the touch screen......

f☆☆k u games industry

Anonymous said...

3DS gets a port and retarded controls

psvita getting whole new game WAKE UP TO CAPCOMS BS