Friday, August 12, 2011

Wii U controller - new details

It seems that the Touch Screen controller for the Wii U (according to a new patent) will have Flash Memory, a microphone and a Magnetometer. For those who are curious about what Magnetometer is check this out:

It seems that the Magnetometer might have something to do with calibration with the Wii remote or position of the touch controller in relation to the Wii U.

A great find from the guys at NeoGAF!



Anonymous said...

im getting sick of slide pad hate nintendo wouldn't do it and ruin controls there analogs have always owned the slide pads will own also THERE NINTENDO no dualshock poor standards here LOL

i think slide pads on such a big pad will stop thumb pain i think nintendo yet again got it right

Anonymous said...

a cpu hhhhmmmmmmm!! interesting