Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Post Launch Trailer

Have you guys been playing this classic remix? This game is one of the most polished 3DS games you are going to find, if you haven't already picked it up then I highly suggest you do so soon!


Mariyiddo said...

I bought it yesterday! Loving every minute so far. All this trailers and images don't do the game's graphics justice. They look so much nicer on the hardware and it all looks amazing. Never played the Master Quest before so looking forward to that! :D

Travis Hendricks said...

I have been loving this game again. I haven't played it in a number of years so this is a blast again. Some things I remember vividly and others not at all. I can't wait to get the Master Quest unlocked so I can try some wholly new dungeons.

Also Dave, I hear tell that you got a new 3DS or something. What's the deal with that?

Travis Hendricks said...

Nevermind Dave, I just read your post on VGPC, my brother posts most the stuff on there.

Either way, what's your new 3DS code?