Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wii U GPU similar to Radeon HD 4890

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to the power of this console when compared to the HD twins. Now we have another article claiming that the Wii U's GPU is very similar to a Radeon HD 4890 which is a very good graphics card for PC.

Link to article

 As you can see in the video above, it runs Crysis 1 at 1080p with 8x FSAA and 16x AF. That is rather impressive. Taking into consideration that IGN ran an article before stating that developers with dev kits mentioned that the Wii U's GPU was based on a Radeon HD 4850, these claims may turn out to be true in the end and the cost is right for Nintendo to mass produce these chips.

Remember that Nintendo has been modifying this Radeon HD design for the last few years with new technology and research & development costs. The GPU that will be powering the Wii U in the final dev kit will give performance much greater than a Radeon HD 4850-4890 based on the modifications, optimizing and for the fact that it will be in a closed box console built for gaming and not a PC with an Operating System and background programs running all the time.

The article in the link suggests that the GPU powering the Wii U is "last gen" but still more powerful than 360/PS3. While this is technically true on the architectural base of the GPU, the final product will be miles ahead of either the 360 or PS3 by a long shot. It is looking to be more in the range of 4-5 times the power of those systems.


Anonymous said...

exactly dave a 4850 to 4890 are the exact same gpu just clockspeed bumps for higher end cards and gddr5 insted of gddr3

this is bare bones minimum over 2x x360s gpu and over 3x ps3s gpu at very very least


its clear a wiiu real world power will destroy a 4850-90 level pc-card, the wiiu is clearly above ps3 and x360 conbined

but that didnt stop anti nintendo myths from developing

wii= gamecube 1.5 wen its actually 2.5 and now wiiu is a x360 1.5 FUNNY the same .5 as before that alone screams ANTI NINTENDO BS 1.5 .5 better ,can they not think up a better anti nintendo myth than that wasnt KIDDY good enough

x360 48 shader units 4 rops /4850 100s of shader units 16 rops

x360 1.5 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz industry BS

Anonymous said...

dave nice to see you understand commonsense LAST-GEN there trying to down on whats clearly a killer gpu

Anonymous said...

You are right, its very different on pc than on a game console. On the wii u, which gets a modified "better" gpu of the radeon hd 4890, the results will amaze easily.

Anonymous said...


iv ranted and foamed at the mouth on this blog about it yes i can be a pain ,but metaldave always gets my drift i like his honesty...right heres another rant...

i said ubisoft were trolling wiiu no touchscreen fps mentioned and no wii remote fps mentioned and CLASSIC PAD descibed as CORE FPS

activition just did the same thing wii is casual and dualshock is CORE FPS CONTROLS(ACTIVITION SAID THAT FOR REAL) and wiiu supports 2 sticks and classic pad


i will not classic pad a fps NEVER

Biohazard said...

The Wii U games were running in underclocked development kits

This explains why footage of third-party games were taken from 360/PS3 hardware, and why none of them were demoed at E3.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say underclocked early dev liots with a cpu and gpu and ram in a box just basic of the shelf parts running at what ever clock

its clear there coding to early dev kits not final spec