Tuesday, June 07, 2011

E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference Live Blog *Updated* system named "Wii U"

Press conference starts at 9am Pacific Standard Time

I will be updating later after the press conference with any new game videos/screenshots etc. The time has arrived for Nintendo to finally reveal it's Next Generation console to the masses. Are you excited?

Updated from myvideogamenews:


-Video Loop being shown. Dirt headed to WiiU, Aliens, Ghost Recon Online, Metro Last night (FPS), Tekken (can customize characters using the device like an art pad, Ninja Gaiden 3,
-Darksiders 2 will launch with system. Batman Arkham City, Ghost Recon Online, Tekken, EA Sports all headed to the system.

Video Loop showing 3rd parties discussing the new system.
-Lego City Stories officially headed to WiiU. Exclusive to WiiU and 3DS.
-New Super Mario Bros Mii. Mii plays along with Mario in new title.
-Nintendo WiiU video loop being shown. Graphics are IMPRESSIVE!!! Video of bird flying through the air over water and landing on trees. Incredible. The lighting effects are out of this world. It looks like real life.
-3rd parties are VERY excited. Smash Bros will be coming out on 3DS and WiiU!!!!!!!!!!
-Shiggy back on stage. Play games in the palm of your hands while something else is on the TV. Seems like a lot of possibilities can be done with this new controller.
-The new system will have a STONG online component. Video chat, online browsing, streaming games etc.
-The graphics look real good.
-WiiU controller includes, touch screen, gyroscope, camera, speaker etc.
-6.2 inch screen built in the controller. Instantly stream your games to the controller. All accessories backwards compatible.
-Zelda BEING SHOWN!!! INSANE!!!!!!!! The video looked incredible. Realistic looking with amazing lighting effects. Link was fighting a HUGE spider like enemy.
-Video calling available with new controller. Browse internet with the device. Reminds me of a iPad.
-Video being shown. Game was INSTANTLY switched from TV to controller. Can draw right on controller. Gamers can play games right on the controller as well. TABLET CAN BE used with all other Nintendo Wii add ons. Very interesting interaction between the 2.
-New controller looks like a tablet device.
-Nintendo’s new console will be called “Wii U”


Anonymous said...

im ready to see nintendo totally own E3 with out a shadow of a doubt

to think otherwise would be ms/sony fanboying they shsall utterly rape on sony and ms big time

Gregory Weagle said...

Funny thing was that for a long time during the unveiling that I thought the Wii U was an accessory and they were using the Wii which shouldn't create those visuals I saw (which were breath taking). Now; I see that the Wii U console is different from the Wii. However; Nintendo needs to redesign it quite a bit so that there is no confusion.

I got to admit the Wii U was the star of E3 which is a problem since it isn't coming out until at least the next E3 in 2012. The rest of the show was an absolute bore as there was nothing of real note and the only 3DS of note was Tekken (which did surprise me). Certainly the worst E3 since the 2008 edition.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Sony and ms fans THOSE ZELDA AND BIRDY TECH DEMO GRAPHICS were a gen above anything seen on ps3

drop the BLIND fanboying clearly better than x360 and clearly in 1080p

the zelda game was way and beyond the likes of god of war ps3 and uncharted WAY ABOVE lets drop it sony and ms fans THOSE COMPANY'S ARE PROVEN IRRELEVANT

wiiu3ds said...

Can't wait to play the Wii U. It seems awesome.