Wednesday, June 01, 2011

3DS news - more Excitebike eShop details

- Excitebike with be free for a limited time
- enhanced NES port
- features two racing modes
- race alone for the best time
- race rivals to get first place
- you can save up to 32 tracks made in the track editor
- view the action in 3D
- adjust 3D in-game or with slider
- length of time to download for free was not specified
- available at 3DS eShop launch



Anonymous said...

these specs are real David @ nintendo and metaldave @ NINTENGEN have these specs from EA canada fifa developers..

CPU 3 core powerpc 32bit each core has a 256k level 2 catch all 3 share a IBM EDram level 3 catch of 32MB clock speed is 3GHZ

GPU r700 and hollywood TEV hybrid gpu 200 stream processors (over 4 x that of x360 gpu) TEV2 fixed function effects engine and 8 rops and 2 custom tessalation units clockspeed @ 1GHZ again 32MB IBM EDram 24mb for frame and z buffers and a 8mb texture catch maintains a wii like 3to1 clock balance between cpu and gpu

256mb of custom FC ram and 1gig of GDDR3 ram

8 GB flash drive and a 64GB ready sd card reader…

disc drive a customized Toshiba HD DVD drive and disc for very fast loading 25GB storage space 40GB later date..

Metaldave said...

What the heck? A bunch of dribble if you ask me. Give me a solid link because Nintendostream doesn't have that info and I haven't posted anything at NintenGen about this either.