Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wii 2 (Project Cafe) - "Stream" really is the final name?

Here is a Media invitation to E3 for 2011 from Nintendo of Europe. Notice anything interesting about this invite card? The card's design shows a blue "stream" across the background seeming to suggest that this could be related to Cafe's final name. Nintendo likes to keep secret but they might have let the speculation out of the bag with that one.


I guess that anything is possible at this point and that blue stream could in fact be related to the final name but Nintendo could always choose something different in the end.


Anonymous said...

streaming tech and a blue swush dont confirm a darn thing... wii stream AH-HHMMM awaits all new wee gags wee stream lol,the wii stream1080p kinda sounds cool ,but stream dosent sound catchy and mass market like wii
will they go HDMI or stick witg conponent HDMI has a licencing fee nintendo dont pay them just like dvd playback has a fee and nintendo didnt pay that and blocked movie playback

Anonymous said...

that swish is exactly the same as 100s of other consumer products like coca cola tooth paste many other consumer goods .....

its also the symbol for a snake going back into ancient times anyone into THE ILLUMINATI and symbolism and truth tellers or zeitgeist typee stuff will know exactly what im talking about its also linked to satanism etc

its very weird how this stuff works

look at a coke can swish looks identical and coke is a massive brand owned by Illuminati type family's

very interesting shit