Friday, May 06, 2011

New site URL and name change to NintenGen

Hey guys I just wanted to officially mention that this site's name has been changed to NintenGen and the URL has been changed to

The reason for the name/URL change? Here are my list of reasons:

- I wanted a name that was short, easy to remember and type

- I wanted a name that was interchangeable with the URL instead of having a different URL and different name (can be confusing)

NintenGen is short for "Nintendo Generation" just incase you were wondering. If you keep saying it to yourself it almost sounds like Nintendo Engine (enGen). Anyway I'm happy with the change but you can let me know what you think also in the comment section. The URL for is still working and will re-direct to in a day or so if you were wondering. 

1 comment:

Travis Hendricks said...

Count me in. That is all. I'll change Google Reader to point here instead.