Monday, May 16, 2011

IGN did a poor job judging Project Cafe's power

What is this crap?

"Will the Wii 2/Project Café blow the windows off the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Judging by our tests, probably not, but in most cases it did a small, albeit noticeable, bump in performance and graphics.

There are also many variables left to account for, specifically how much more powerful will Nintendo's custom components be and how the optimized OS and rumored in-controller displays will impact performance."


The article is full of misleading information. First of all they say that their sources confirmed what most were speculating that the GPU would be based on a modified ATI Radeon 4850. The 4850 is miles ahead the technology of the GPU in the Xbox 360 or PS3 and yet IGN states that we will only be noticing a small bump in performance? A modified and optimized Radeon 4850 for a console would be even more powerful (in terms of performance) than it would be for a PC (no Windows 7 OS or background programs).

In the video/article they go on to show games that are made for Xbox 360/PC as cross platform games with the same graphics. We know how this works, the only difference we will see with those games is exactly what IGN said, better frame rate and textures and that's about it. IGN is saying that this is most likely the only difference we'll see from Wii 2 games in comparison to the other systems. This is so wrong unless they are talking strictly just about 360/PS3 ports but the system should not be judged like that, it is very misleading if you ask me. Ports will look like their source material but exclusive games for Cafe will show the real difference between the older systems.

What's worse is that IGN posted screen shots of comparisons between 360/Wii 2 games in 720p after stating that the test system for Wii 2 was native 1080p. Talk about a complete waste of time trying to see what Wii 2 games will look like.

What IGN should have done is make a PC with Xbox 360 specs and then compare it to the PC they built with Wii 2 specs. I think we'd see a huge difference since a PC from 2004 (Xbox 360's GPU was developed at that time)  wouldn't be able to run Crysis 2 or any modern game without it being a slide show. 


Biohazard said...

Assembling a makeshift PC based off of the successor's rumored specs is just beyond pointless. Let's see if we could do the same for the Xbox 360, and count how many games from the library could actually run it. The Wii 2/Project Cafe is a closed hardware, meaning it will work differently than PC's. Consoles are heavily optimized for gaming.

Anonymous said...

everything ign do and report on wii2 is always anti nintendi-ish its always a downer way of reporting and just comes across as ignorant....the gamecube pad with screen for starters the whole spec BS the constant talk of no pointer and motion suddenly diapering then talk of it being better than move motion again contradicts the no motion and wm+ already destroys move and nunchuck destroys sub thingy!!!!!!!

im sick and tired of igns BS there fake wii 2 is a bunch of crappy inefficient parts running chunky windows and using slow assed ram ,it makes no sense whats so ever and parts used are below expected wii 2 processing IGN are getting more childish by the day

Anonymous said...

igns obsesion with cpu clock speed seems to be building wii 2 up for a disapointment why such high clocks if there great cpu cores and need to be cool and low energy broadway based next gen shrunk cores or even G5 cores would destroy x360s inline cpu even at much lower clockspeeds IGN seem to be pushing the idea theres 5ghz cpu in there LOL

Anonymous said...

ibm x360 cores are 2instructions per clock as is wiis broadway cpu,the next gen 32 bit powerpc cpu cores at ibm based on broadway cpu are 5 instructions per clock add out of order processing vs x360s poor inline processing a 3xcore broadway 2 at 2GHZ would bitch slap x360s 3xcore cpu easy

Anonymous said...

LOL. It sounds like they "hope" it'll only be a slight bump in performance. Also, we all know developers learn how to max out a console closer to end of cycle. I'm sure Project Cafe will be able to take on the future "next gen" consoles as well.

Anonymous said...

on a serious note though guys... i cant see launch titles looking any better than a mediocre/high end ps3 game. EA Ubisoft Activision and the like will continue to port over games and sharpen a couple of textures to make it seem as they are trying. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Would love to be proven wrong though lol.


Anonymous said...

ps3 x360 porting is a given but with more/better controller choice and faster loadtimes that alone is worth it real wii 2 games will be of the level hyped for ps4 if sony ever did do it graphics war is over wii 2 high powered and multipul motion and non motion controls = WTF do ps4 and x720 exist for wii 2 has every thing covered already ps4 move x720 kinect VS all singing all dancing wii 2 with 100% backward compatabillity NO CONTEST,iv been following ibm powerpc development theres some tasty very fast cpus based on wiis broadway family and 1 to 16 of them can fit on a single die and have 5 instructions per clock processing vs 1 to 2 for most cpu cores out there ibm also have amassing EDram tech and 3DS has fc ram and wii 1t sram anyone thinking pc not ultra fast console is a twit......IGN !!!!

Anonymous said...

the fact the guy describes himself as a TECH GURU is frigging priceless he clearly has no idea of what he is talking about

3x that Frankenstein machine if not a lot more i expect EDRAM and fast ram for starters and a high speed disc drive

Anonymous said...

nintendos art is going to look so good il be licking the screen