Friday, April 08, 2011

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - new footage

I'm still amazed at the effects that the 3DS is able to pull off. The graphics look nearly as good as the PS3/360 with only a fraction of the processing power. We know that the PSP will be more powerful in terms of raw power but I don't think it's going to matter in the end with games that look this good on the 3DS.


Anonymous said...

NGP more power is meaningless thats the whole point sony brags of ps3 like ports but 3DS has ps3 like visuals plus 3D NGP is a mindless waste of time and seems a niche device destine to fail

Biohazard said...

Are you talking about the first PSP or the upcoming NGP?

Metaldave said...

The NGP.

I'm sure it will have amazing graphics but will it matter?

Anonymous said...

It's like Resident Evil 4 mixed with Rogue Leaders shading only in real time.
I want to know what 3DS can really do in terms of AI, physics, and numbers on screen.
If Resident Evil Mercenaries features a 'No Mercy' mode or if a few years down the road Capcom launch Dead Rising for 3DS, that would be mindblowing.

Anonymous said...

NGP hype is based on ps3 looking games

funny 3DS does ps3 looking 3D games ngp doesn't even exist yet so hype is exactly that HYPE

only a fanboy compares a existing system to a non existing system and uncharted ngp looks no better than res evil revelations and lacks 3D ngp isnt even relevant and sons resent anti 3DS comments only prove how scared they are

iphone 4 has 20mb ram for gaming apps and a stpid resoltion to spport 3DS has 12mb ram and a fare resoltion to spport its clear 3DS is with ot dobt the most powerful handheld gaming device in EXISTENCE ngp matters NOT

Biohazard said...

After Sony unveiled the NGP, fanboys are already calling for the 3DS's death knell, screaming that it's a N64/GameCube/PSP with 3D visuals. I asked them, how many N64/GameCube/PSP games that could render visuals as detailed as Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and the two Resident Evil titles? These games are almost at the same level as 360/PS3 games! They base their entire observation on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Pilotwings, but these games are essentially ports of N64 titles! Of course, they won't properly harness the 3DS's hardware capabilities!

If we're going to have an anecdotal observation, lets take a look at two of NGP's big titles: Killzone and Resistance. They look like Dreamcast games without the deferred lighting and deep textures.

Anonymous said...

so far 3ds games like MGS 3d and Revelations look better than ps3 and as far as kojima is concerned he said himself the poly counts are same as ps3 but then said he will up the graphics more for release so that MGS demo is not even the 3ds at best and both these games look better graphically then most ps3 games i heard in a press confrence sony tell devs to lower the poly count and simplify the shaders to port ps3 games to NGP hasnt the 3ds already shown shaders as good as ps3 in MGS naked sample demo and revelations i think so and mercebaries is 95% as good graphically as RE5 with 3D