Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Is Reggie just stalling for the inevitable?

So he said it right there that the Wii peaked in 2008 and basically it has been in gradual decline since then.

Do you think that Nintendo really does have a lot more Wii games left to show besides Zelda or Kirby? In my opinion this interview is just lip service for everyone to continue with the perception that the Wii is fine and not going anywhere. All sales seem to indicate that the Wii is falling fast, so fast in fact that Nintendo will need to do something very soon to either re-ignite sales or at least announce a completely new system this year at E3.

The Wii has served it's purpose for almost 5 years and it is time for a fresh take on the console side of things again. Third Party developers have next to nothing for the Wii in development for the second half of this year, so what are people going to buy for the Wii his holiday season? There has been advances in the CPU/GPU technology in the last few years and as we've been seeing with the 3DS great graphics are possible for a fraction of the cost of what they used to be. If Nintendo is smart (which I know they are) they already have the next Nintendo home console up and running and are just waiting to unleash it on the unsuspecting public to really shock and awe everyone.

At GDC, Iwata talked about how "making the impossible, possible" was key for making not only games from Nintendo but also hardware. Are they going to make the impossible happen by making a 3D viewing experience possible without glasses and without a 3DTV? This might seem impossible but I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo found a way just for the fact that they always do in the end.

What is your take on Nintendo's console situation?


Biohazard said...

This is obviously a stalling tactic. There's no way anyone can look at the Wii's prospects differently and say there is a massive amount of potential in the future. Right now, the 3DS is at center stage and Nintendo can't afford to compromise its hype by talking about another console. The pressure is on Nintendo to bring the successor and they know it. In fact, they even said that if the console sells about 45 million, which they are getting close, the successor will be discussed.

As for 3D, Nintendo did show the Wii being capable of doing glassless 3D at GDC. However, they aren't ready to immediately implement it because 3DTV's are at their infancy, and there is more uncertainty of its staying power compared to high-definition.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Man.. that is a very good point, really. You nailed nintendo's console situation, but thats my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Biohazard. Nintendo is focusing on the 3DS at the moment. And they want consumers to focus on that system as well.

Bringing another console into the scene could potentially steal the 3DS thunder. Therefore, I believe that Nintendo will not reveal the Wii 2 in the near future. Not even at E3, which I'm sure will make many people feel disappointed.

However, if the 3DS has a successful launch in all 3 major markets, that could ease Nintendo's confidence on that handheld's future. And they might feel secure enough to announce the Wii 2 at E3. Showing some tech demos of popular Nintendo games. That would be enough to hype the console for a fall release the follwing year (unless they wanna release it this year... doubt it)