Monday, February 14, 2011

3DS - Backwards Compatibility detailed

This is something that a lot of people already knew but I know that some were expecting old DS games to be upgraded in 3D when played on the 3DS. Too bad it's not true, maybe some new release games could feature this upgrade but I'm not getting my hopes up. Besides the main focus will be on the exclusive content being made specifically for the 3DS and not the DS.


Anonymous said...

david at 3ds blog is wrong the DS games do have some optermization theres scaling and smoothing going on as already confirmed

and the top screens resolution is 800x240 regardless of 3D or not the pixels blend into ether 2D or 3D based on the slider

the top screen native resolution is 800x240p not 4--x240p the pixels dont go away they display in 2D and 3D and fine blends between the 800x240 remains constant

im fed up with this kids miss-information he also spouted all over the net 3DS 3D doesnt pop out at you just does depth he was wrong he should research instead of guess thius stuff great little blog but please get it right david the ds games are reformated to 3DS screen 2d display and hardware also smooths edges ALREADY CONFIRMED DAVID

Anonymous said...

could someone tell david at 3DS blog scale and smoothing is already confirmed and a LCD panel cannot change resolution between 800x240/400x240 it is set at the screens pixel count as it is on all lcd's @ 800x240 thats lcd panel fact only crt sets have changing resolution screens

no one is talking changing resolution on 3D ready tvs so why say it about 3DS the guys wrong and his not giving his readers good info

Anonymous said...

dont lcd panels operate at a single set resolution 800x240 doesnt magic into 400x240 3ds blog seriously do a bit of research the top screen of 3DS is 800x240 in all modes theres no change left eye right eye 3d is down by blocking pixels with 3d barriier on screen the pixels themselfs are 800x240