Monday, January 10, 2011

Resident Evil: Revelations & Mercenaries 3DS footage

With Wii news being slow, I will start posting 3DS stories from time to time. These 2 games are going to be flagships titles for the 3DS graphic capabilities.


Anonymous said...

looking amassing iv been following all 3DS news these two games setting the 3DS graphics standards and i think 3DS visuals will only get better and better

gives us a good impression of what wiis successor will be about

Anonymous said...

3DS will rock, visualise all the games that could benefit from it's features:
Metal Gear Solid 3 was a no brainer though it wasn't planned, I wouldn't be surprised to see Twin Snakes and 2 show up later.
Silent Hill could make use of the microphone, stylus, camera, motion sensors and camera for puzzles.
There's also Pikmin, Final Fantasy 6.
3DS has alot of potential and I would hate to see it squandered.

JC said...

Now Capcom has no excuse ¡I really want to see a new Resident Evil Game on Wii!, I've already emailed Capcom Administration, but ¿will they listen? ¿how much do we have to wait?

JC said...

¿can someone answer to the last comment? ¿does anyone have a contact with capcom to tell that?, then thank you!

Metaldave said...

I think Resident Evil on the Wii is done but you never know. The Wii is entering the last year or so of it's life span before Nintendo releases Wii2.