Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Last Story - City walkthrough

Another example of a Next-Gen experience made possible on the Wii. I can see myself having a lot of fun in this city with all the banana shooting and messing around you can do.


Anonymous said...

im getting fed up of the no pointer usage people are saying

you clearly use the mouse pointer for aiming and rts top down how can they say no pointer

Metaldave said...

So you understood all that Japanese? Then by all means please summarize for us all.

Biohazard said...

It looks like Wiiboy is going off on one of his tangents about the Wii-haters again.

Anyway, Japanese developers are really taping into Western sensibilities with this title. With The Last Story and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, I'm seeing Japanese RPG's become more action-oriented. The gameplay mechanics are completely tailored to people who've played third-person shooters and action-RPG's, so I'll be surprised if this title doesn't get localized soon.