Friday, December 03, 2010

Donkey Kong Country Returns - 2 player co-op

I've never really thought about saying something like "Bannana" in order that my partner and I could keep track of what turn it is for us to jump. It seems to work a little even though they are still dying a lot....but having fun.

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Anonymous said...

will get this at christmas or early next year,,,,im enjoying black ops and winning many battles controls are perfect and hip aiming mouse style is better than ever camera is free and natural genuine feel of being a human with a gun rather than a camera on a skateboard and auto aim gun like x360,ps3....

wen i play the wii version movement,camera,weapon act naturally like real life,wen i watch my step son (lol little brat) playing black ops on x360 the auto aim and qiuck scoping is so over the top it requires no actual skill and the curser and camers move as if your robo-cop THAT IS NOT FPS its on rails mechanical movements the wii version is far more realistic and far more pc mouse like im loving it