Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii - Gametrailers review

This week might as well be Black Ops Wii week since we didn't get any reviews or media for the Wii version before the release of the game. I'm sure glad Gametrailers took the time to go in-depth with this one and give us an honest review. If this were a stand alone game on Wii with no HD version available I'm pretty sure this would be a 9 or higher rating. I'm very pleased with the game as is on Wii.

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Anonymous said...

wiimote and nunchuck = next gen HD = more pixels

only wii and DS were next gen psp was a gameboy ps3 was a ps2 and x360 was a xbox

wii and DS were totally new devices pushing gaming forward not backwards the ps3 and x360 versions of cod have ON-RAILS aiming witch is casual and cheat
i aim myself with skill and use a real FPS control set up

i dont get this ps3 x360 next gen BS at all and dont see how there version is better

more casual yes not better my step son is a x360 cod addict and all i see is aim assist and auto aim and quick scoping

thaqts not fps thats on rails pretending to not be on rails the game aims for you they are not hard core gamers there destroying what fps is