Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii - first patch download

I say first because some people are still having issues after the update. Just go to the online multiplayer and you'll be automatically prompted for the update download. I'm having no problems at all and I'm happy that finally my control presets all stay the way I set them instead of them sometimes forgetting where they're supposed to be (unbound and camera sensitivity).

Fix details:

Unable to connect to multiplayer without switching profiles
Freezes during matchmaking when using the LAN adapter
Players were sometimes kicked out af a game right before it started
Changes to custom controls and options were not saving correctly (“Unboundglitch”)
Wager match specific bug in Radiation that caused dead players to teleport
Fixed “care package glitch” where player could get infinite number of ‘SamTurret’, ‘Care Package’, and ‘Sentry Gun’ killstreaks


Anonymous said...

telliporting dead so were do they go wen they do this thought id ask...havnt got the game yet will soon im tiring of goldeneye not up to par online black ops looks much better..

Biohazard said...

Sorry to post so late, but I have a question for people who own the Wii version: are you having any problems as of late? Treyarch has been scrambling fix problems for the PlayStation 3 version, and the owners are still pissed.

jAkE--25010 said...

Sorry for posting so late, But when i first got the game it took tons of tries and frustrating hours before I was prompted for the update. But then I had it and LIFE WAS GOOD. until my Wii broke and i had to get a new one and I'm not getting prompted again. can you tell me what may be causing this?

Metaldave said...

Causing what exactly? Not getting prompted for another update with your new Wii? Are you still having trouble getting online or is it ok?