Friday, October 22, 2010

Goldeneye Wii - new behind the scenes video

It's nice to see that they really went the extra mile with this game. The faces look very lifelike with their expressions. The motion capture looks very nice as well. Only a few more weeks until you'll be blasting your buddies on your couch for change!


Biohazard said...

I wonder how much melee takedown animations they've been able to fit in? GoldenEye and Blood Stone are sharing the stunt coordinators.

Anonymous said...

facial animation is better here than bloodstone easy and better than dead space extraction

Anonymous said...

JC said: I wish to see a brand new Resident Evil on Wii, but what I don't get, its' why it's taking so long!, I am starting to loose my patience. as for sengoku basara on wii, does it looks like the PS3 (!!please tell me yes!!) and are there any video comparion out there?