Friday, October 15, 2010

Donkey Kong Country Returns - new screens

This game looks amazing, all the nostalgia mixed with the new game and nice graphics will hopefully make this almost as successful as New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I really like that art as well, Retro has some really talented artists on their team. I can't wait to play this one.


Anonymous said...

looking suger and spice all things nice... "loving it loving it" hope for near super mario wii like sales!! kirbys epic yarn is getting average 9/10 review scores there loving the giggly puff looking dudes 2d outing all goood folks all good...those two combined should sell very very well and shift a lot of wiis this christmas

goldeneye/donkeykong/kirby/wii party/black ops....all before christmas in usa almost all before christmas in uk

bring that fine ass shit on right now stella list of AAA

predator said...

The graphics seem to have improved since the first trailer that was shown.