Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Epic Mickey - new gameplay videos

Who here really wants to play this game? I think it looks fantastic. Those old SNES Mickey games come to mind with a similar atmosphere in the music and look. I'm really excited to play this soon.


Biohazard said...


The graphics, in both technical and art direction, look very excellent. I haven't been this crazy about a Disney game since well... Kingdom Hearts 2. This ambitious effort from Warren Spector should transcend one of Walt Disney's most enduring and venerable creations above the crap that the soulless corporate heirs have been shitting out lately.

Anonymous said...

talks all fine an all but all iv seen so far is mickey re-runs video and a flouty looking mickey walking around some levels colecting red heart things that dont look Dshit to me

fingers crossed it is a great game and not a proper shit fest