Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goldeneye 007 - new screens

I've seen the single player portion of this game in videos already so I know that this game just looks better in motion. Proper screens of Wii games are always going to look low res and jaggy on a PC monitor but you get the idea that they are at least trying to get some decent looking levels and backdrops for this Wii-make. I plan on playing this to go along with COD: Black Ops and Conduit 2; it's nice that this competition of "No, we have the best FPS on the Wii this year" will only make the gamers happy in the end. This is how 2007 should have been like!


Anonymous said...

seen the game in motion its amazing they should really go to town on the graphics even more so i mean they have a couple of months please make it amazing

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks a lot nicer than I thought from the first few images that were released.
Was always gonna get this unless it turned out to be a total stinker but now very hopeful. I the gameplay can match the work they have put into the GFX then this should be damn good game.

Travis Hendricks said...

These screens, and maybe I'm a graphics noob, look really good to me. I like how detailed and active the environments look. They seem packed with stuff, not bland and empty. I like that.

And it's weird, I'm excited about Donkey Kong and Kirby but if I could only buy three games this holiday season they would all be third party games. In order of preference.

1) Epic Mickey
2) GoldenEye
3) NBA Jam

Let's hope I can buy more than three games then.

Anonymous said...

It seems we are finally getting consistent effort for the Wii! I agree, it would have been pretty cool to see these coming out in 2007. Even if we are 4 years into this generation, they're pumping out some good looking titles!

Anonymous said...

battle of the 3RD party fps christmas on wii hope its 3 classics fighting for are effections