Friday, July 30, 2010

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 - Wii screens

The original game was a PS2 port with Wii controls, so it's nice that the sequel will not even be on the PS2 so the Wii can have it's own unique version all to it's self. I'm liking how it looks so far, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

might get this these screens show HDR/AA and all that stuff so there using graphics the ps2 couldnt do simply put so thats nice

Biohazard said...

The character models look pretty distorted in some shots. I think the real pudding will be in the footage.

Anonymous said...

The last game suffered visually with poor vehicle and character models, some uninspired environments (Imperial Kashyyyk, Death Star) a lack of facial animation in cutscenes and alot of shaders thrown into the wii version didn't mesh.
Assuming Red Fly are using the Infernal engine I hope they got more out of it, imagine if they achieved dmm like physics (seen in Wii Sports Resort Speed Slice) and dismemberment.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished the PC version of the first game, enjoyed it, found the wii version to actually be more fun, QT events are just better with the wiimote then keyboard + mouse.
Anyway, these GFX don't look a million miles from that, obviously not as good but not far off! Very impressed will stick with the wii version if its the same game!

Anonymous said...

Finally, the PS2 dies this year. There is only one relevant game coming out (Sakura Wars). Ths means good news for Wii owners since the days of devs making a PS2 game to port over to Wii are GONE (knock on wood).

I hope that Krome or whoever is making TFU2 makes good use of the Wii's capabilities. At least they should make it look as if Factor 5 or Capcom had made it.

Anonymous said...

there will be lots of lets say realwii grapjics games coming but dont expect miricals the industry delibratly did that to wii dont expect to much to change

its took over 3 years to get the likes of conduit 2 bond an dblack ops all apparantly real wii pushers so lets not hold are breath

the oppersite will happen with 3DS as the industry has to embrass it or DIE

Anonymous said...

I found a PDF on the Infernal Engine site that shows two images each versions of the same game one for HD platforms the other for Wii, they look identical at a glance so it's a good engine.

Can't wait to see TFU2 for Wii in action as these screens look great and while red Fly's previous game Ghostbusters was fine it was a PS2 port, imagine what they could do this time on a Wii exclusive.

I have hopes it looks like Rogue Squadron 3 Rebel Strikes on foot sections only with superior animation and a variety of environments.