Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goldeneye 007 - Multiplayer Video

This looks like one of the areas of the Library level from the first game. I'm liking how fun this looks to play and I'm really happy for all the control options to keep everyone happy.


Anonymous said...

that is looking very polished fingers crossed its a good one

and blacp ops and conduit 2 serious choices here hoping all 3 compete with quality

bond being activition im hoping black ops got the same polish

i look forward to owning classic pad users

Anonymous said...

they said they havnt released a definate release date because the game has to be perfect graphics are still being fine tuned and improved

Anonymous said...

all they need is headbanger headset and this game is the best fps on the market its super crisp graphics and amazing animation make this a must buy day 1 all day long look at the game solid 60fps even on split screen wow