Friday, July 23, 2010

Goldeneye 007 - developer interview

I guess we'll all find out if split-screen multiplayer still has it where it I remember back in the day that people were critical of the Gamecube for only having split-screen and no online and now it's has been the other way around for a lot of Wii's FPS games this generation. You people just want everything don't you? lol.


Anonymous said...

wow ive already seen enough in this game to say it will be 1 of the fps games of all time the modes like golden gun ect are just amazing and yes the graphics are as good as the best out there in my eyes its got realistic weather,vehicles,facial expressions,caracters,voice acting,its going to rock the online/split screen looks immence and looks as hectic as a cod title and has lighting effects on par with the best games on the market im done with is it going to rock ect flipping heck of course it will

Anonymous said...

every game like this should support split screen and online and lan and bots for playing alone in maps

every type of multi player should be supported

can somebody shoot the people wanting classic pad over motion THOSE PEOPLE PIISS MI OFF