Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I think it's a great choice by Nintendo to go with the cel-shaded looks with the adult Link! The graphics from Wind Waker still look great today, and in my opinion Twilight Princess hasn't aged very well. I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

it aint cell shaded look its a SNES/GBA look in 3D its like mario galaxy but in a zelda link to the past style with a look of water colours its clearly not cell shaded like red steel2 or boarderlands or wind waker

its snes style it loks like link to the past in full 3d

what are the 3DS specs damb it

Travis Hendricks said...

Anonymous, I played this game today and it's certainly cel-shaded. It's not as vibrant as Wind Waker but's it's still most definitely cel-shaded.

Sorry if that hurts your feelings but the game looks incredible still. It really kept all the look of Twilight Princess but added some more color to it all. It looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cgi i mean it looks like a cgi movie wow very happy with all the games on wii/3ds but dsi is getting dusty now 3DS has biggest ever lineup for a console on day 1,Plus in 2011 saints row on Wii/3DS,Pilotwings 3D,Super SF4 3D,Dead or Alive 3D,Imagine what wii2 launch games would be like wow forget that because the wii shown me graphics that i am now very happy with Kirby made out of material ect wow NINTENDO HANDS DOWN WON WITH WII AND 3DS AND THE MOST AMAZING LINE UP IVE EVER SEEN THERE ARE LIKE 25 GAMES I NEED TO BUY I WISH FOR F12011 on 3DS/Wii next year in Broadcast quality graphics.

Anonymous said...

Look closely when Link and the Goblin battle in the forest with a small tree between them, it appears that the tree is a dmm object.]
The same 'next gen' physics in Star Wars The Force Unleashed for the HD consoles and in Wii Sports Resort speed slice.
Here's hoping Lucasarts and Red Fly are taking notes for The force Unleashed 2.

Biohazard said...

The cel-shaded look does give this game more lively look than Twilight Princess. However, I am disappointed that the movements are as stiff. What Wind Waker had over Twilight Princess is that the animation was very fluid. Since the game has been delayed till 2011, and I'm kinda glad it is because it looks like there are few kinks to work out, I'm sure it will look very polished. Other than that, it still looks great.