Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monster Hunter 3 - video review

Here we have the first video review of MH3, the UK IGN gave this game a 9.3 but an 8.8 is acceptable in my view with the learning curve being rather high. Look for a lot of hours of your time being put into this one.


Anonymous said...

long interfering load-times =do not want

long winded clunky menu systems = do not want

poor camera = do not want

clunky dualshock like controls = do not want

oh well 3rd partys let me down again simply not getting this game

id tear my hair out after the first 3/4 load screens and loose my temper

capcom made a game for sonys fans on a nintendo system and it sickens me

games are supposed to me clean crisp intuitive not clunky and slow loading

why would wii owners want there wii game to be like a psp game it doesn't make any sense

Metaldave said...

Giving the game a chance first before condemning it = do want

Biohazard said...

This is relieving because I expected this to get slammed like Crystal Bearers. The controls may be an issue, as I tend to lose patience for unresponsive and slow feedback. But if it doesn't hinder the game enough for it to get a score around 8.0-9.0, then I don't think I'll have a huge problem with it.

I don't know how IGN recorded this, but the game looks great. No chugging framerate and screen tears from what I can see.

chojuto said...

The menu system is not clunky, the camera is not poor, and the dual-shock controls on Wii are far superior to the PSP controls and equally as good to PS2 controls.

The only valid complaint is the loading times, but unless I'm mistaken, Monster Hunter has always been split into areas with loading times in between, right?

Plus, splitting it up into areas allows for each area to look better graphically.

Anonymous said...

my only valid comment IS THAT SO hhhmmmmmmmmmm

i dont shut my eyes and plug my ears and go lar lar lar I STATE THE TRUTH nintendos REAL fans dont do clunky i will not support clunky and long loading

watch how clunky and mechanical the camera moves its like mario 64 the first ever game to do it its horrible and this is the wii like 15 years later ffs