Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Alice in Wonderland - new video

An exclusive movie licensed game for the Wii? I'm not sure if this has happened yet, but maybe, just maybe it will sell really well since you'd think this is the perfect fit for the Wii audience.


jd said...

there's something about the layout of your blog that cuts off the far right 1/5 of every video you post.

maybe it's just in chrome??

anyways, thanks for the vidz and newzzz

Metaldave said...

Does that look better now? Sometimes Youtube videos are in widescreen so this blog can't hold it in the layout, so I need to re-size it. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

oh i wondered why my wii and pc showed your web site page differently

that looks great graphically but dont know yet about the game

jd said...

still looks about the same, in chrome and in firefox. the youtube video actually shows most of it -- it's the gametrailers ones that are really cut off on the side. i usually end up clicking through to those video sites so i can see it clearly.


Metaldave said...

If you use FireFox it won't get cut off. I suggest using it anyway since it destroys IE.

Anonymous said...

It still looks like a PS2 game. This proves that the Wii fails at graphics, even without the concurrent PS2 development.