Friday, February 26, 2010

Metroid Other M - video interview

This game (as of right now) is my most anticipated release of 2010. With the story finally being so involved and the sense of exploring being similar to Super Metroid, I'm dying to get my hands on this!


Anonymous said...

fmv's/cutseens is scaring me its not the nintendo way,, i want games not cutseens with no gameplay i want a game not a movie half an hour of cutseens and 20 hours io play is fine but hours of cutseens

please god no

XidZen said...

Samus VA is bad :/ Why Nintendo didnt choose Jeniffer Hale?
Game have weird design -bland textures too much colors.
Bump mapped suits looks terrible.
Still there are only screenshots and cutscenes -no gameplay so we cant judge it yet.

Anonymous said...

ive seen gameplay and it is an amazing graphical package with matrix style gameplay uts flippin amazing and it smokes most games previous to iy-t from what ive seen yes i play 360/ps3 ect there overhyped plus its only ps3 that has some truly beutiful games but rubbish gameplay

Anonymous said...

cutseens are very GAY soap opera-ish MOTHER TIME TO GO that makes me cringe every time i here it the token black guy is obvious and this gush of feminine feelings and strong woman nonsense its a metroid game for gods sake