Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Legend of Zelda: unofficial timeline

This is great, it seems that (according to ONM) there was some kind of break in the space time continuum which caused the "Wind Waker" saga to begin. Hey, at least they are trying to figure out the time line for Zelda, which is more than I can say for Nintendo themselves. Over the years they really made Zelda more of random time line than a continuing one.

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GingerCorruption said...

This is the timelime that's most recognised by most fans I think but it's nice to see it down on paper like this! The break in the space time continuum was caused because Link was transported thanks to the Master Sword 7 years to the future, only later to return to his normal period leaving the time when adult Link ran around to continue on without him! - I tend to ignore all the snes and gameboy entries for the timeline, simply because leaving those out makes your head hurt less when thinking about this!