Monday, February 01, 2010

Game On Nintendo contest

My good friend Gary "Game On" is starting a new contest for T-Shirt art designs. If you are interested read the post below:

Gameonnintendo is proud to announce a brand new contest that could score you more than just fame; it could actually score you some fortune as well! We are calling all artists to submit their video game T-Shirt designs to and could score you some major doh.

Gameonnintendo is proud to say that we are currently in the process of starting a whole new venture and we want to take you along for the ride as well.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1 Submit A Design
Design a t-shirt, hat, hoody, or any other clothing product you feel would be of interest to gamers everywhere and submit it to our email (that’s Images must be in JPEG format (Width: 600 pixels, Height: 434 pixels). You can submit as many designs as you want, so get crackin’. The design must feature something related to video games (not just Nintendo), and must be original (please, no copycats).

STEP 2 Internal Review
After your design has been submitted, it is time for us to review it. We have an internal committee that will review your design and approve it to appear on our new website (details soon to follow, so stay tuned!!)

STEP 3 Email Winners
If, after much deliberation, your design is picked, we will contact you directly and a new partnership is formed.

Step 4 Payment
Here is where it gets good; once we set up our new, separate site (gameonnintendo will still continue, no worries), we will begin to start selling your amazing, award winning design and you will be paid!! We will pay you a commission based on every T-Shirt your design sells….FOREVER!!

To up the anti, we are also giving away a FREE GAME OF CHOICE TO 1 LUCKY participant that will be chosen at random from the submissions given. Please don’t hesitate! Get your submissions in today!

*Commissions start at 10% per T-Shirt sold. If your design really takes off, we will honor your amazing work by raising your commission.

Once you have submitted your design, it becomes property of projectigame (that’s what we are going to call the new site) and could no longer be used anywhere else.


game on said...

thanks buddy!!!!!

Metaldave said...

You're very welcome!